October Already!

the first Steveston scarecrow at Prickly Pear Garden  Centre

 I can hardly believe that it is the beginning of October! In my local village of Steveston, the scarecrows are starting to appear. The days are growing shorter and rainier as the flowers on my balcony fade to be replaced by bird feeders. 

Our church services, with a new minister, resumed after an 18 month hiatus. It was glorious to see so many people at the services. Many of the congregation are elderly and the isolation of the Covid pandemic has been especially difficult for them.

My book club loved this book!

I am a member of two book clubs. This month, after a few less than engrossing reads, I am happy to report that I enjoyed both books. In both clubs, I am one of the youngest members (at 69!) so the tale of 85 year-old Eudora Honeysett is one to which we can relate. After years of crossword puzzles and swimming laps, Eudora looks at a future of loneliness and failing health. The arrival of new neighbours offers fresh options and meaningful relationships to the jaded Eudora.

My other book club read this.

I have always embraced multiculturalism. In Grade 11, I was selected for an enrichment programme where I designed my own "passion project" (current term) on immigration. I'm not sure how the shy 16
year-old me managed to make an appointment with someone at the Immigration Office but I conducted my first interview.  As an ESL teacher who even taught a few classes on Canadian Citizenship at night school, I admire those who have the courage to emigrate.

The Tamil migrants, in The Boat People, did not choose to leave Sri Lanka. The novel, loosely based on the arrival in 2010 of 200 Tamils in Vancouver, poses questions about judgement and morality. The Tamils
were seeking refugee status but the Canadian government of the time regarded them as terrorists. The refugee board, the lawyers and the judge were required to decide who should stay and who should be returned to Sri Lanka. Not much has changed in the last 11 years! 

I've decided not to travel to Mexico in November. My daughter is unavailable due to her work so I'm going to visit Victoria. I've found another little bolt hole so I'm happy to walk, read and perhaps meet up with some blogger friends.

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.” 
― Lao Tzu


  1. Thank you for the book recommendations!
    I would love to meet up with you in November if our dates work, we are at the cottage November 26-December 3rd so if we can meet up that would be grand!

  2. Both books sound interesting. Yes, October is clearly here and with it changing weather. If you are available during your time here in Victoria, I'd love to meet up for tea! Maybe with Leslie, as well!

    1. I would love to meet you in November. This time I am staying at an Airbnb called Sweet Sea Castaway near Fisherman's Wharf. Leslie is at her cottage that week but I like to visit Victoria for mini-breaks. I'm uncertain about international travel until we know the duration of the effectiveness of our vaccines. There are a lot of questions and a lot of speculation.

  3. So glad to see a post by you, my friend!! And to see these book recommendations. I am pinning them. Sorry your plans for a trip to Mexico have been postponed. We need a proper holiday desperately but also need to go see our moms. Which is generally very stressful. Ugh. We are back at church, too. So thankful to be back. Our congregation is probably my age (63) or younger...probably younger. This silly virus has been hard on all of us, but it has taken such a toll on my mom. So sad she has been so isolated in the last years of her life.


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