Sowing a Few Seeds

The seeds in this container came from Butchart Gardens courtesy of my friend, Rosemarie.

 During the Covid-19 pandemic, planning for the future has been impossible. I am a gypsy, a Romantic,a woman who travels through literature, food, wine and les petites choses to other lands. Unfortunately, Madame has been grounded since my unfortunate Oaxaca trip of March 2020.

a garden in Evian-Les-Bains

This week, I received my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Madame is ready to start making plans and bookings for the coming year. In January 2022, I turn 70 and there are new places to explore and familiar places to visit. In July, I shall travel to Victoria to stay in a charming (I hope) Airbnb in the Fairfield neighbourhood. I hope to walk on beaches, shop small boutiques, enjoy gardens, read books and maybe meet up with a fellow blogger. Who knows? The guesthouse is called Sea Birds Cottage. Doesn't that sound like a book title? Murder at Sea Birds Cottage perhaps...It's near Ross Bay Cemetery where pioneer graves and deer can be visited.

the garden of my Oaxaca Learning Centre apartment

A travelling woman needs some sunny days. I enjoy solo travel and I have booked a week at the Hotel Rosita in Puerto Vallarta in November. The Rosita is "the original Puerto Vallarta hotel" located on the Malécon, right next to where the fishboats dock. You can watch the pelicans. When I travel with my husband, we stay in condos or all-inclusive resorts but Madame enjoys the more authentic accommodations. Mi amiga, Janet, remembers well las cucarachas in a Mexican apartment. (not the Learning Centre). 

I would like to visit my Oaxaca Lending Library friends and take a Libros para Pueblos tour in the spring.
Oaxaca is one of my homes away from home. I am never tired of the sights, the people or the food.

a flor de calabaza omelette

France is my spiritual home, ma patrie d'élection, my home country of choice. If I had no husband or dog,
I would apply for residency. Since I was a girl, winning the French book award or studying French literature, the love of France and all things French has been in my soul. When I was newly single, after 12 years of marriage, I took the small proceeds of my house sale and I travelled to a remote village of the Auvergne. Thirty-five years later, and double the age (35, 70) I am contemplating a visit to La Charité sur Loire to stay at a guesthouse called La Maison des Mots.  A "house of words" in a historic French town might be what Madame needs to "get her groove back."

peerie floo'er park 

One more possible trip involves my daughter and a visit to Shetland. My mother is the eldest of her cousins and we have many generations of Shetland family. I would love to introduce my daughter to yet another of my spiritual homes, a true "patrie" because my grandfather was born there. This trip depends upon her availability. I am flexible but I am determined to take full advantage of the opportunity to travel in 2022.
The seeds have been sown!


  1. We are at the cottage from July 2-16th and hope that we can meet up when you are here in Victoria. I would love to meet you and perhaps give you a tour of the garden and we might be able to have lunch at Abkhazi Garden or another venue...sea bird cottage sounds idyllic!
    Have fun planning your travels...

    1. What a pity! I'll be there during your cottage time! I will probably be back in August or September though. I enjoy wee getaways and I find that the Fairfield neighbourhood is peaceful. I enjoy looking at the gardens and the older homes. In Richmond, where I live, older homes are replaced by much larger structures with paved front yards. It's so easy for my husband to drop me at the ferry and to take the bus to downtown Victoria.
      I do want to visit Abkhazi Garden. So many places to enjoy in our province!

  2. I know you have some great adventures ahead, and I can't wait to see where 2022 takes you. And I had a peek at the website for La Maison des Mots -- it's very easy to imagine you settling in there for a few weeks.

    1. I think that La Maison des Mots will be a good fit. La Charité is rich in history and is celebrated for its vintage bookshops. Although perhaps the French books from my university days (still in the boxes) could now qualify as vintage. My sketchbook will have to travel with me. Are you thinking Bordeaux next year?

  3. So glad to discover some new posts from you as I struggle to catch up on blog reading. Hallelujah for the second vaccine. I felt such freedom once I was vaccinated. Have traveled twice now to see my mother. So thankful we made it through to the light at the end of the tunnel.

    My husband and I are beginning to talk of planning a great escape somewhere in 2022. Have a family beach trip scheduled for the end of July - South Padre Island. Would love to be going to Cancun or another beautiful Mexican beach but one of my daughters is pregnant and was afraid to travel out of the country right now.

    Hope you will keep us abreast of your travel plans as they solidify!!

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