A Summer Project

a healthy assortment of vegetables at Maubert-Mutualité market in Paris

I have been using an app to track my diet for the last 40 days. I devotedly record every bite and every sip that passes my lips. On analyzing my data, I have learned a lot about my eating habits. Most of my calories come from wine, sashimi, cheese and eggs. I do not eat enough fruit and vegetables when I am staying home and preparing my own food.

This observation is a bit bizarre because when I eat in a restaurant, I am a devouée of the salade composée. I enjoy a plate of fresh fruit or vegetables wherever I go. I especially enjoy my greens with fish or chicken.  My husband does not share my enthusiasm! Consequently, during the days of few restaurant outings, my diet has suffered.

Cheese and chicken make this salad that I ate in Paris special. I like the way the cucumber formed a little bowl.

Fortunately, I take food pictures whenever I travel without my friend Janet. She's a foodie and she always appreciates a vicarious meal. Looking back on my travel food pictures, I can pick up some ideas for creating some healthy and visually more appealing meals for moi-même.

Seafood makes a salad elegant. We have a good seafood shop nearby.

 When I am in France or in Oaxaca, I shop in markets. The vendors are friendly and often give me a little extra "pour le plaisir" in Paris. At home, I order from Spud.ca for organic or specialty foods and cross the street to visit M. Safeway for the quotidian. No special smiles, no cheek kisses, no flirting. Shopping is a chore rather than a pleasure.

This salad that I ate in Oaxaca has deeper colours and smokier flavours than my French salads.

Do you remember the mixed salads of your childhood? Mine usually involved iceberg lettuce, cut up tomato, green onion and radishes. They were served in a wooden salad bowl. Each diner had a smaller wooden bowl which he/she filled according his/her taste and subsequently drowned in some kind of Kraft dressing. These salads were definitely not the main event.

I am determined to elevate my salads in the next few weeks. Thanks to my penchant for cookbooks and the availability of recipes on the Internet, I will have lots of choices for mes salades. The shopping is what it is and my 70+ husband is not going to change. I have decided to make one new salad each week for the month of July. Perhaps I will plan a picnic with friends and share one of my salads. 

Next week, there will be a special salad in this bowl.

A woman should never be seen eating or drinking, unless it be lobster salad and Champagne, the only true feminine and becoming viands. Lord Byron 


  1. I like your plan! Increasing vegetable intake sounds like a good thing. You have eaten some very beautiful salads. I wonder what the dressing is on the Oaxacan one? Some sort of roasted peppers, perhaps?


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