May Days

May always brings lilacs.

  Many weeks have passed since my last post. The pandemic restrictions and the health conditions of family members have continued to depress me. My mother (90) has recovered from surgery but is lonely and still resistant to living in supported housing. She is reliant on her daughters for company, grocery shopping and attending almost weekly medical appointments. As I am in my 70th year now, I feel lost opportunities for adventure (escape?) and for social interaction.  In the last few weeks, I've taken some steps to change my own life (or my attitude towards it.)

I have hired a personal trainer at our local community centre. Safe spaces are being maintained and my sessions are only one half hour once a week. This trainer is quite different from my previous trainer. I was required to produce 3 goals (2 physical and one other). I chose to work on mobility and posture as my physical goals. My third goal was to develop a positive attitude to my aging body. Each week, Sabine, my trainer, shows me different exercises that I can work on at home or at the gym to develop stability and to keep me mobile throughout my life. I have loaded an app called World Walking on my iPhone. All of my steps count towards a walk from Iona to Lindisfarne. Next year, I hope to visit France and Britain. I will 
be prepared to complete a "real walk".

We are only allowed to visit patios right now.

Sunny days mean restaurant patios. In British Columbia, indoor dining in restaurants is suspended.
Hopefully, as our numbers Covid-19 numbers decline, these orders will change. My daughter is working 
10 hour days to support the hospitality workers. Callback is critical for middle-aged employees who have years of seniority. Older women, mostly of immigrant background, who clean hotel rooms and prepare meals should not be replaced by younger employees whenever business resumes.

I bought tickets for the Van Gogh "light show" in January. As my daughter works in downtown Vancouver, we decided to have a staycation. I have not been off Lulu Island (part of Richmond ) where I live for several months. One of my decisions in my older years has been to stop driving. I've never enjoyed it and I believe that it is important for seniors to locate themselves in communities with good walkability and to know how to use public transit. Since public transit is not appealing to me at this time, my options
are limited. My daughter and I stayed 2 nights in a downtown hotel. I wandered while she worked. We met for dinner each evening.

I've been reading a lot of books these days. Jane Harper (Australia),  Donna Leon (Venice), Ian Rankin (Edinburgh).....I sure want to travel. As more people are vaccinated, I start thinking about air travel points, friends and relatives in other countries and thinking. Maybe next year!


  1. It's so good to see a post from you again! You are being very proactive in your attitude toward the pandemic. Your goals for physical mobility and posture are so practical and speak to your acceptance of what you need most at this time of life.

    We are all so very weary of the restrictions. How was the Imagine Van Gogh experience? I would love to see it, but have not yet purchased tickets due to the need for ferry travel. Offices here (like my physio) will not allow people in if they have been to the mainland in the past two weeks. I hope that changes soon as I would love to go over and see my parents. I, too, am longing to travel, but for this year, it will be on our boat or local camping.

    1. The Imagine Van Gogh Experience was quite amazing! We were surrounded by his paintings. They were projected on every wall and even the floor changed. There were only a few people allowed in at once and distance was maintained.

      The regional travel restriction must be difficult for you. Once more people are vaccinated, I think that travel within the province will be permitted once more.

    2. Hello again. I do hope we can get to see the show. Hopefully things will ease this summer.
      In answer to your question on my blog, yes we did visit Budapest and went to the market there and bought paprika of several kinds for ourselves and for gifts. I am still using it and think of that hot day in the market when I do.

  2. Good for you - setting goals, working on what you can to make improvements in your life. I’m doing the same - setting intentions for improvements/maintenance. Thanks for telling your story. Sending positive thoughts for improvements in your family’s health.

  3. I believe that we each must take responsibility for our own health and happiness.

  4. I saw that art installation on my trip to France before Covid...we saw it in a limestone quarry in Les Baux. It was really impressive...glad that you had the opportunity to see it. Staying in a downtown hotel would be a fun way to see the city. Nice for you and your daughter to be together.
    Good for you hiring a personal trainer. I like the goals that you have decided to focus on.
    The upcoming trip to Scotland sounds wonderful!
    Take care

    1. That must have been beautiful! I love Provence. Hopefully, next year the world will be a safer place,


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