February! A Colder than Normal Week

early daffodils in the parking lot gardens

 This week has been exceptionally cold on the west coast of Canada. December and January have been very mild so the garden plants have been early to flower. I bundled up this morning to do a "flower walk" and I found daffodils blooming in one of the parking lot gardens. Small flakes of snow were swirling around me and the wind is howling.

  a few yellow crocus are hiding in a protected spot

I've been lethargic for the last while. I have neglected my Zoom book clubs and other meetings. This month the titles have been Pachinko by Min Jin Lee and Reproduction by Ian Williams. Both books have received awards.

I really enjoyed Pachinko. It is an intergenerational story of a Korean/Japanese family from 1910 until recent times. I knew little about Korean history and I could not put the book down.

The second book has been a very difficult read for me. It begins in a palliative care ward, continues with sexual exploitation and ends with erratic textual features that simulate the reproduction of cancer cells. While the form is very clever, I find it disturbing. Reproduction is a powerful work.

 Sometimes I just want to be cozy.

I don't knit or sew. On Saturday afternoons, my daughter and I visit the local shops. This week, I bought a cozy scarf to wear on chilly days. It is made in British Columbia and the proceeds go to our community. I hope that our small shops and restaurants are able to continue their business.

There seems to be a lot of upheaval in my life right now. Mostly to do with health (not mine). I have resolved to try to live my healthiest life and to avoid the emotional rollercoasters of others. 

Do you always read your book club books? 
Would you attend a book club meeting if you had not read the book?
What methods do you have of handling lethargy ( could be low-grade depression?)

The flicker visits at the feeder regularly.


  1. Hi friend!! Glad to hear from you. I don't feel much like wading through Instagram or FB lately. And struggle to stay caught up on reading blogs. We just need to give ourselves some grace. These are incredible times.

    Beautiful scarf. Hope you wear it well and in good health. I learned to knit as a little girl but never did anything with it and could never do it now. Would like to learn to crochet but I don't need another project to work on until I get some unfinished pieces finished up.

    Hope the flowers survive the remaining winter weather. We are having spring-like temps this week but have a winter storm forecast for the weekend.

    Bravo on doing what you can to stay your healthiest. Get outside when you can, even just on your beautiful balcony. That sunshine can make such a difference.

    1. You might enjoy the Pachinko book. How are your Covid numbers? We're slowvwith vaccinations but our numbers are dropping. Mostly young people who socialize. Cold weather right now but our winter has been mild. Who knows? I taught Grade 1/2 today with a Valentine's party. It was fun ! Old teacher-librarians rock!

  2. I noted your three questions at the end - about book clubs, reading the book, and lethargy. I've never been in a book club even though I love to read. It seems to amount to I don't want to be put on the spot to offer an opinion and I don't want to read books I have not chosen myself. I do admit that maybe my horizons would be expanded by having to read something chosen by another and that could be a good thing. Really I'm more of a one on one person rather than a group person. And I'm not a joiner. I think that really plays into my avoidance. If I was in a book club, I do believe I'd still go even if I hadn't read the book - but maybe I'm deluding myself! Haha! As for lethargy - that is a tough one, isn't it? It's easy to say what one would do when not in the midst of it and not dealing with the inertia that can overcome. Exercise seems the best antidote, to me, especially getting outside. Another thing that can help me is setting a timer and just getting started on something - even setting the timer for 10 mintues "I'll just do it/work on it (whatever it is) for 10 minutes" can get the body moving forward on a project or a chore or even exercise.

  3. I've never been part of a book club, but I think I would like to, now that I'm retired. Once Covid is over, of course. Lethargy or a low grade depression wouldn't be unusual this year - you are facing so many things just now with the health of your loved ones, and everything is made more complicated by the pandemic. I find that going for a walk outdoors often lifts my spirits when I'm low. It's chilly and windy here this morning, with more snow in the forecast for the weekend.
    Your scarf looks warm and cozy, and just the thing for these temperatures.

    1. Yes, you would probably enjoy a book club. I belong to 2 that are quite different from each other. Right now, my mother has had 2 surgical dates cancelled due to her high risk designation. I find outside walks with flowers and birds a relief. Today, is a snow day for sure!

  4. I have read and greatly enjoyed your blog for several years but never commented before. I, too feel lethargic and find I am rather tetchy at the moment. I am reading, but purely for pleasure, the CJSansom Tudor lawyer novels. Although I love the idea of a book club, I know that I would struggle with titles I did not enjoy.

  5. Obviously I have been lethargic too, to have missed this post somehow. I hope that in the time that has passed since you wrote it that things are looking better. Just to have March here seems auspicious but maybe that's wishful thinking on my part. I might like Pachinko since I enjoy Japanese and Korean YouTube channels. That is a lovely scarf!

    1. I could not put Pachinko down. I've never visited Japanese and Korean YouTube channels. It might be an adventure.


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