Balcony Gardening in July

early morning balcony

For 18 months, our balcony and the exterior face of our building were under construction. Our building is 47 years old so structural rehabilitation was necessary. The scaffolding, the draping and the continual presence of teams of workers appearing at any time of the day were extremely aggravating. We are still waiting for interior deficiencies to be remedied but it seems that masked workers will appear one day. For the umpteenth time, I've moved the furniture in the bedroom.

the bird and utility area

Our balcony is not huge or grand. Most of the finishes would not have been my choice but we are rehabilitating 8 buildings. Cost is a factor for many of the younger families who have bought in recent years. After much thought (I had 18 months) and a lot of Pinterest, I decided to create different areas on the balcony. Edibles, flowers, birds and a reading area were my priorities. I wanted some perennials, annuals for summer colour and railing boxes to save floor space.

more tomatoes every day

We have Anna's hummingbirds, chickadees, bees and dragonflies who visit the balcony. Since we are at home a lot, our visitors provide us with a bit of excitement. There is a glass door leading from the bedroom so I often watch the sunrise from one of our chairs. Coffee and reading are particular joys in the early morning.

My Japanese eggplant has blossoms.

Our balcony is humble but I have plans. More bird feeders in the winter, bulbs in the railing boxes, more perennials and perhaps leafy winter vegetables like chard. I've thought of solar lights but too many décor items could overwhelm a small balcony.

the garden shop on Ile-de-la-Cité

As I have lots of daydream time, I travel in my mind to the shops in Paris. Those Parisiens know what to do with a small balcony.

I wonder if I have room for a small greenhouse?


  1. It's finished, how lovely! You must be thrilled to have your balcony back. You've made it so pretty already! You say it's not large but it looks very spacious to me. I love your brown chairs and the color of the cushions. It must make a huge difference to your life to have this pretty outdoor space. Is your little dachshund happy to have it back, too? Forgive me, I can't remember her name. I once studied Pinterest for Paris balconies when we were in Florida and thought we might be moving to a townhouse home. There were so many pretty ideas.

    I'm so happy for you that this job is completed! Now there will be construction inside?

    1. It is so nice to have a private outside area. We have lots of communal space but I like a quiet place to read. Our little Tilde likes to lie in the sun. There are a few cracks that need to be filled inside. They should be completed soon so all will be in order (sort of)

  2. Oh my, this is just lovely. Amazing to see what can be created in such a small space. My mom has a similar balcony space, and we're always wondering how we can turn it into something more cozy for her. You've given us some ideas, that's for certain. She faces south and intense summer heat so we'd have to think about that. Thank you for sharing a little corner of your world with us today.

    1. I wonder how I will adapt the balcony for autumn/winter. Bulbs, chard, hellebores?

  3. Absolutely you have room for the green house. And I think I do, too!! You have created such a lovely, inviting space. Will look forward to watching how it transforms from season to season. Look at your green thumb!


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