An Unusual Canada Day

I added flags to the flower pots.
July 1 is usually a busy day in our neighbourhood. The Steveston Community Centre hold the annual Salmon Festival. This year would have been the 75th annual festival but, unfortunately, the event was cancelled. Every long weekend during the summer, a hotdog event is held at our complex's pool. Another covid-19 cancellation.

maple leaf whirligig 
I decided to hold my own mini-event on the balcony. I invited my "bubble" of 2 for hotdogs, corn, poutine, strawberries and wine. We sat out in spite of the showers and we listened to as many Canadian songs as we could think of. 

My friend brought strawberries filled with cream cheese, orange zest and mini-chocolate chips.

July means a new book order from Hager's Books. This month, I ordered one non-fiction book, A Mind Spread Out on the Ground,  about the life of indigenous people in Canada, Circe, an Odyssey tale told from a different point of view and two other novels. I will pick them up tomorrow.

Hager's Books is featuring lists of books by Black and First Nations authors on their website.

My favourite book from last month was The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michelle Richardson. This historical novel deals with prejudice and poverty in the hills of Kentucky during the 1930's. The Roosevelt government's WPA project paid women to visit isolated homes on horse or mule to deliver books. The Pack Horse Librarians often read to the illiterate and taught children in poverty-stricken areas. 

I found this book really interesting.

Our province has been successful in "flattening our curve" of covid-19. We have entered Phase 3 of our gradual reopening.We are able to go to a movie, to  travel respectfully (avoiding areas with limited healthcare facilities) in British Columbia and to visit patients in long-term care. 

Our days have been grey and cloudy during June. I hope that July brings us blue skies.


  1. What a beautiful strawberry treat! Your Canada Day celebration meal sounds tasty and at first I wondered what poutine was until I remembered reading about it in one of Louise Penny's mysteries. It was in her mysteries too that I first read about the history and plight of Canada's indigenous people. My husband's grandmother was an authentic Cherokee and so we have many books about their sad history here in the U.S. I'm familiar with the 1930's WPA project in Kentucky, our neighbor state. I remember learning about it when I was in high school, a subject dear to my bookworm heart even then.

    I admit that it is unsettling to me to consider how our Fourth of July celebration will be this year. It is always a day for our family to gather but that won't happen this year. I think I may take the day to do something I never had time for in years past--watch all the old miniseries about the American Revolution that are found on television. Despite our current problems I remain a patriot and my heart fills with pride when I hear our anthem and God Bless America, which I've always thought might should have been our anthem. And I still like to watch Yankee Doodle Dandy with James Cagney every year. Not sure it will be on this year, not sure about much of anything anymore. I take one day at a time now.

    1. One day at a time ensures that we can maintain our safety and our health. Small daily pleasures and routines. I count the tomatoes on my balcony each day and watch for the hummingbirds.

      Your July 4th will be different without family. So many old movies are "politically incorrect" now but I think that we have to consider that in other times, people held ideas that we no longer hold. Enjoy your Fourth of July!

  2. Bravo to you and your community for moving in a healthy direction. We are going backwards in my city. So worrisome. Almost 300 new cases today!!

    Love the sound of those strawberries. I could try that myself.

    I am about half-way through The Book Woman. Really enjoying the book. Fascinating.

    1. That is sad about the virus spreading in your community. Our experts are telling us to be vigilant as we enter the new phase so that we don't undo all of our work.
      The strawberries were delicious.
      I'm picking up my new book orders today. It's raining here so I will enjoy them even more. Yippee!

  3. I'm a little late to the Canada Day festivities. Your flags looked so festive in your plant pots, and the strawberry treat looked so delicious and tempting. Your book titles look interesting, especially The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek.

    Wishing you a beautiful evening...
    Brenda xox

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