Growing, Reading and Thinking

I'm hoping for tomatoes in a couple of months.

Change is all around us! I'm hoping that better times are coming for all of those who are out of work
or who are isolated due to the pandemic. I'm trying to understand more about racial discrimination and how it affects the lives of so many people. 

As a teacher of English as a Second Language and of Canadian Citizenship, a facilitator of Multicultural Friendship and of Me to We clubs, I have worked with immigrant people and in intercultural education for many years. My early experiences with the Québec exchange and the Canadian Council of Christians and Jews provided me with an early exposure to diversity.

But, as a white woman of British/French origins, I have not experienced racial discrimination. My opportunities have been abundant and I am not likely to encounter police brutality. I have only read books about the experiences of indigenous, African-American, and immigrant people.  I'm not sure what the change will look like but I am certain that there must be change in how racialized people are treated.

Kent Beauty ornamental oregano
We are trying out new plants on our new open balcony. It's an east-facing long, narrow balcony so I'm using window boxes on the railing to create more gardening space. So far, I'm very pleased with this ornamental oregano in the boxes. I've chosen a red/pink colour scheme so it works well with neighbouring coleus plant. We've had so much rain that leafy plants are thriving. 

I've got another book order to pick up at Hager's.

Every two weeks, I make up a book order. I pick a selection of fiction and nonfiction/memoirs
from the shop website. It's always fun to get some new books. I'll donate or share them with friends. 
Small purchases to keep our independent bookstores alive.

I really enjoy Brunetti.
Monsieur and I are visiting our first restaurant together. I went out with a friend whose husband has just been diagnosed with cancer and with my daughter. The restaurants are taking lots of precautions here and I feel quite safe. 

I don't know where we'll be in 2 or 3 months but I hope that you are growing, reading and thinking too.


  1. The delicate oregano plant with the pendulous flowers in those soft pastel pure bliss, so pretty!
    I am reading The Dutch House right now, if I am not mistaken I think you read it several months ago.
    You must be enjoying going out for meals now that the restaurants have reopened. We haven't gone out yet...I am still a wee bit reluctant despite the reports that the new cases are low.
    Phase 3 will signal to me that I can venture out a wee bit more.

    1. I enjoyed The Dutch House. It is enjoyable to go out occasionally now. We have had no tested cases in Richmond since mid-May so we have almost reached the end of our second incubation period. I think that Phase 3 will be announced soon but we all still need to be careful.

  2. My stars, that oregano is so pretty. I have never heard of ornamental oregano...til now. The Bookwoman has been mentioned in several blog posts I have read today. Guess I need to get it!!
    I have worked all my life with ESL immigrant children. And living in a border town, we have a lot of immigration issues. But El Paso has always been very accepting of people of all races. We had a demonstration today, and it broke my heart to see my neighbors pitted against one another.

    1. No, I had never heard of this plant either but it is lovely. It is sad to see people fighting about skin colour. I'm picking up my books today so I'll write about them next week.

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