Soft Openings

Today, we have gentle rain.

This week, our shops and restaurants have opened. Each business is required to have a plan to protect customers and staff. On Saturday, my daughter and I visited our favourite shops in Steveston. After two months of closure and facing a summer without tourists, our local merchants will struggle to survive.

I bought locally-made vegan soap in compostable boxes.

Our local  shops are all being staffed by owners and are requiring hand sanitization. The number of customers in the shops is limited to 3 to 5 depending on the size of the facility. I decided to make small purchases. Scout and Co, is a  collective in Steveston that supports Canadian artisans and promotes environment friendly products.  The soap products are named after world destinations. We can dream!
I needed some soap.

We visited some of our shop-owner friends and made small purchases. The protocol for my friends' shops is that any clothing that is taken to the fitting room must be "quarantined" for 48 hours and steamed before returning to the sales floor.

a cheerful hummingbird scarf 

I bought 2 scarves and a pair of bamboo leggings from three different stores. They were inexpensive and will brighten my linen dresses.  No fitting rooms for me! 

I've ordered 4 more books from Hager's Books so tomorrow I will be going to pick them up. Our public library is opening for curbside service.
 I'm not sure for how long our Phase 2 will last or whether
 our small businesses will survive.  It seems to me that this is no time for austerity. 
Dollars spent in local businesses, especially to purchase locally-made products will help everyone. 

a book to dream by

I watched another church service on Sunday. Book club is zooming. We live in uncertain times but we must think of others and be kind.


  1. The scarf is gorgeous!
    I bet those soaps smell amazing too...
    I plan to shop local and help the smalle shopkeepers.

    Look forward to reading your review on Frances Mayes' book. I enjoyed Women in Sunlight .

    1. I look forward to my reading time every day. Victoria has so many small shops. It is part of the charm. When Daughter was little, we used to accompany her father who worked for the government. We browsed during the day while he worked. We had "look only with our eyes" stores. I hope that they survive.

  2. Shopping local is such a good idea. We are trying to do that, too, and if not local, at least Canadian. The soaps look lovely, as does your scarf. It will go well with summery outfits.

    1. We need to do all we can to support the economy right now.

  3. Such a beautiful flower bud, a lovely colour.
    Here in the UK we still have limited shop openings but it is always good to shop locally …
    I like your scarf.

    All the best Jan

  4. I haven't read the new Mayes book yet but want to. Even more important now, although I've been an armchair traveler for years. I want to visit some of our local shops soon and really believe in supporting them. Some of our churches here are choosing to raise funds especially for the ones who are struggling. In the metropolitan area of Nashville we still can't take garments to the rooms to try on. I wonder if clothes bought online can be returned now?

    That is a lovely scarf and I'm sure your mother-daughter excursions being resumed was a happy occasion!


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