May Days

Daughter and I enjoyed an evening walk on the dyke.

May has been a warm and sunny month. As we enter Phase 2 of our Covid-19 plan, I am enjoying the company of my daughter.  Longer evenings mean that we can walk together a few times a week. We  stroll on the dyke or visit some of our less busy parks.  Sometimes we take Tilde. On Saturdays, we window shop and pick up  a treat for Tilde  at the pet supply store and a meal from our favourite local restaurants in Steveston.

We share Tilde, the dachshund.

When we are confined, it is the company of our family and friends that we miss most. My mother can not have visitors but my daughter and I dropped off Mothers' Day cards and a jigsaw puzzle for her. She celebrated my brother's 59th birthday from her balcony. My mum misses her Food Bank volunteer days and going out with me on Sundays. She is not really comfortable with social media
so she often feels lonely.

Mum toasting my brother.
Social distancing is providing time for all kinds of artistic, literary and musical activities. Monsieur
is playing ukulele with his friend online. I had a book club meeting last night. I've been sketching more and yesterday, I was inspired by the flowers by the entry to my building.

les muguets prisonniers

When I was a girl, I used to write a lot of poetry. I wrote entreaties to my parents in verse, I wrote of angst and of all of those emotions that young people write poems about. I started writing poetry at about age 9 and I stopped writing in my early 20's. Somehow, the muguets, a symbol of friendship in France inspired me to try to write a poem in French. It's like scribble sketches. You write and you leave it.

Les muguets prisonniers
Fleurissent près du sentier.
Mais pas du tout abandonnés.

Je les vois chaque journée
J'ai hâte qu'ils soient libérés.
Nous sommes tous prisonniers
Pendant ces belles jours de mai.

The Alliance Française is offering classes. I might enroll.  I miss school. I really enjoyed teaching FSL in the latter years.  The prospect of travel seems far in the future.

If you are interested in some thoughts about the future of travel, this  BBC podcast presents a few different perspectives on the topic.


  1. I had not caught on that you're blogging under a different name now! I will have to see if you explain the meaning of your new name at the beginning, or google it!

    I certainly empathize with your mother. It is a strange new world and being housebound because of safety reasons is not easy. How nice that your daughter and you can now be out more! Our only daughter and her husband just moved back to Nashville from Montana last week. I haven't seen her yet as they want me to be safe but just to talk to her and know she is near is wonderful. She became a grandmother last week and I a great-grandmother for the 3rd time. Now I'm so thankful to have her and our three sons and their families all living closer.

    I hope your province keeps doing well and being able to return to a more normal life. And meanwhile you certainly are using your time well with your creative activities.

    I love Lily of the Valley! My grandmother called them Valley Lilies.

    1. I finally found a long way around to start another blog. Congratulations on you new great-grandchild. It is nice these days to have family nearby. My mum goes for a drive once a week and we come outside and wave to her. We're moving slowly and our Provincial Health Officer is very cautious. Stay safe!

  2. We are planning to expand our family bubble this weekend by having the grandchildren and our son over to our home for a meal.
    Seniors living in long term care homes will be so happy to see their family members when they are allowed to visit. I hope that they will have safety protocols and that there will not be a spike in covid cases.
    The dyke where you can walk looks very scenic.

    1. That's great that you will be able to share a meal with the family. Two months is a long time with little ones. I hope that we continue safely with only wavelets. I went online and completed the B.C. Centre for Disease Control survey. I hope that by gathering more information the medical community will be prepared if a second wave strikes. The dyke is lovely on a sunny day and only about 1k from where I live.

  3. These days are so beautiful, even with the bit of soft rain we've been having. I like the way you relate the muguets du bois being prisoners to all of us in the same boat this May. Lovely.

    1. Those muguets will soon be free as the renovations will be complete. This is the second year that they have been behind bars. I hope that we fare better.


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