Creeping Forward Slowly


Our public health officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, who has been integral to our province's efforts to
"flatten the curve" of the Covid-19 virus, has cautioned us that we must move very slowly towards
our "new normal." Until scientists know more about the virus, a hasty reopening of the province 
could lead to a new surge of transmissions.

My desk is my sanctuary spot.

I checked the calendar and I am in week 7 of social distancing. Since my 14 days of quarantine, I have seldom left the grounds of my complex. I have spent time creating sanctuary areas in the apartment and daily routines to brighten the days. Now, I am gradually extending my world. I picked up my Saturday food order from a local restaurant. The owner brought the order out to a table in the alley where I waited drinking a free glass of wine.  The Porthole in Steveston is such an addition to our community. I hope that some day the restaurant will be able to reopen and that we can enjoy local performers in such a friendly atmosphere.

from the Steveston Insider

Yesterday, I ordered 2 books from Hager Books in Vancouver. I browsed online and chose Life in the Garden by Penelope Lively and The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict. Next week, I will leave Richmond for the first time in 7 weeks to pick up the books. No browsing is allowed but I will have 2 new books to read.

Einstein's first wife was a mathematician and physicist.

a peaceful book

Years ago, I attended an outdoor fitness class. We brought our own mats and hand weights, we walked, did some step exercises on curbs and climbed the stairs of the hospital parkade. I'm wondering, if a small group of  4 or 5 women could hire a trainer to lead such a group. I need peer
encouragement to exercise. With sunny days ahead, this would be a healthy and safe way to exercise.

my "bubble" person
 My daughter lives alone in an apartment. Right now, as the Secretary-Treasurer of a union that represents hospitality, food service and airline workers, she is dealing with massive layoffs, rights to recall and a membership who face a lengthy period of  financial uncertainty. She is maintaining her calm in an employment situation that none of us has never experienced.  I am gradually extending my "bubble" to include her. Last week, she walked our dog and went home with her share of our food order. This week, we walked together at a distance and she ate her food and watched a bit of Netflix with me. We sat metres apart but it was a treat to spend time together. 

This week, our minister shared communion on Youtube. I'm sure that it will be months before we can have gatherings of more than 50 people. We are coping, adapting, supporting each other and living in community although apart. 

April has passed. I think that May will bring small changes in our lives. Hopefully, this week will bring fewer transmissions of the virus and allow a more people to return to their employment.


  1. The corner of your desk is lovely - I can see why this is one of your sanctuary spots.

    1. It is comforting to have special areas set up in your home.

  2. I've ordered that Penelope Lively book and several others from my favourite bookseller...
    Your idea of creating sanctuary areas in your home appeals to me. We all need to find comfort where we can in these challenging times.

    1. I'm looking forward to reading both books. I find that quiet spots and lovely images bring me comfort.


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