Window Shopping in My Neighbourhood

My daughter and I love this consignment store.

I love to window shop! I don't have to buy anything but the displays always interest me. When I am in Paris, Sunday is walking and lèche-vitrine (window licking) day. In Steveston, where I live, shops are small and owner-operated. I wonder how many will be able to withstand months of closure.

The garden centre requires you to order online or by phone.

The Prickly Pear Garden Centre is usually a great place to browse for gifts, cards, candles, décor items and plants. Currently, you must order in advance and arrange a time to pick up your purchases.
As May begins and new plants arrive, I expect that they will be very busy.

retro décor

The Fab Pad is a great place for mid-century modern and funky décor. Their golden window display caught my attention.

One of my favourite stores provides ordering or private shopping opportunities.

Rents are high in Steveston and I fear that with the loss of tourism this year and with widespread unemployment, many of our businesses will be forced to close.

Monsieur bought muffins.
Some businesses have remained open with limited customers permitted in the shop. I bought lots of dog treats at the pet supply store and some new colourful dishcloths at a gift shop. It seems important to support small community businesses right now.


  1. Ahhhh....this was pure delight. Those shops are so inviting. I hope things can work out for them (as many as possible) to get through this strange time.

    Thank you!

    1. Yes, I love these shops. They have been in business for many years and play an important role in our community.

  2. I am fortunate to have shops to window shop from in my neighborhood as well. I am looking forward to the times when the will be open again and we can all go shopping safely.

    1. Yes, hopefully neighbourhood businesses will reopen safely.

  3. With rents so high, margins are already so tight in our neighbourhood as well. Like you, I cross my fingers and hope we don't lose too many. . . Even the ones I never step inside (the skateboard shop up the street, or the comics store) add to the richness of the street scene.

    1. Yes, do you remember when Robsonstrasse was a collection of German delicatessens,
      international news stands and tiny boutiques. I worked at Heritage Hall on Main in the early 1970's and I loved the edginess of the neighbourhood. Rents have gone up, prices have gone up and that richness disappears.


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