Staying Home and Staying Happy

There are hundreds of rhododendrons on our grounds.

We are in the 7th week ( I think) of social distancing in British Columbia. Every day, we are told to
"Stay calm, stay safe and stay home." In addition, I try to stay happy. Some days, this is more of a challenge for me. Some days, my strategies for "making the best of things" seem insufficient and a bit

so many different tulips

Social distancing means creating our own distractions. As a retired person, I'm not working at home.
My days can seem long and I try to fill them with stitchery, sketching, walks in the gardens, housekeeping tasks, cooking, talking to friends on the telephone, and social media. News and Netflix
fill the early evening times. I've learned a lot about myself during this time.

Rhodos and more rhodos!

I have worked as a teacher for more than 30 years. I share many of the same traits with elementary school children. I am better with a lot of tasks of short duration. The rewards are more immediate
and I will have accomplished 10 small jobs rather than one big job. I require rewards and I thrive with positive feedback. Likes on social media, comments on the blog, positive connections with others help me to feel that my days are worthwhile.

and more!

I've learned that some people are better at connecting in a positive way than others. Rosemarie, who reads this blog, is an exceptional encourager. She has sent haikus, origami, positive messages and even a chocolate bar during the days of isolation. My sister-in-law is quick with a like or a comment. 
Another friend "what's apps" highlights of her walks, her quilting, mask-making and reading on regular basis. The telephone-tree lady from the church calls every 10 days and we have a friendly chat.

Thinking deeply statue from The Oaxaca Learning Centre

Some people struggle with moods throughout their lives. They can not be encouragers. If the person you are living with can not be a support, you must find others to help you. I am fortunate that I have a network of connections but for those who feel isolated, many community services are available to help. Our local crisis line volunteers are working at home using a central telephone system. Our church is using social media extensively.

The beginning of a new week brings hope to us all. It seems that our numbers of new cases are levelling out. A new month is starting. For sure more flowers will bloom and ducklings will hatch in our pond. Be safe, be calm and be happy!


  1. I'm so pleased to 'meet' you. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment on the "Me" list. It's so true, there are usually more similarities than differences. I see we share a few of those similarities. I'll be back soon to catch up on other posts.

    I don't have children, so I won't have grandchildren. I really liked your thought in your header about taking your place as an elder. My, that speaks to me volumes.

    Wishing you a beautiful day as we shelter in our places.
    Brenda :)


    1. I enjoyed reading about you. It is a challenge to find a role as an elder. I sponsor
      a children's library in Mexico as I am a retired teacher-librarian and I believe education will make the world a better place.

      I will visit your blog again now that I've found it. Stay safe, Joanne

  2. There are days that are harder to get through than others. Re-reading familiar books helps me to get over humps of discouragement. The rhodos are gorgeous just now and you've photographed some beautiful specimens. Staying in contact with others is so important, too. Take care. We will get through this.

    1. I noticed that you were reading a Madeline L'Engle. I loved her Crosswicks books.

  3. I feel positive most of the time but I do miss social time with family and friends.
    Telephone conversations and texting help fill this void...

    I am embracing the beauty of all the flowers in the garden and am so grateful to be able to get outside and walk.

    Blogs are a great way to connect with others too...stay safe.

    1. Aren't you glad it's spring? We can see the flowers and enjoy the sunny weather.

  4. I particularly like that Oaxaca sculpture. Reminds me of the central figure in some of the storyteller sculptures I admire.
    Haven't heard of or thought of rhododendrons since childhood when my dad would take us to the arboretum - another word/subject I haven't thought of in a long time. We kids probably didn't appreciate the beauty of the flowers like we could have but we loved running among the blooming bushes and trees. Had forgotten how remarkable the rhodo blooms truly are.
    My Prince C. is very even keeled. He doesn't ever get very (outwardly) upset about anything although I know, inside, things are often eating him up. But he also doesn't get very excited or happy about things either. And I am up and down, and no one has to guess how I'm feeling!! We balance one another pretty well.

    1. I love that statue. It's funny how couples balance each other. My husband and I are quite opposite in how we express our feelings. He is much more bombastic and I would be more likely to hold things in until I become frustrated.


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