Use the Good Dishes!

I returned from my brief stay in Oaxaca to face 14 days of confinement in my my apartment. My husband had surgery just before I left for Mexico and preferred to stay in a hotel for two weeks.
I had ordered groceries online from Oaxaca so I had only to prepare my solitary meals.

I love tableware! During my first visit to Paris, in 1987, I discovered a shop near the Centre Pompidou. I bought my first Quimper dishes. I had not yet visited Brittany but I loved the colourful
dishes. Quimper ware was first manufactured more than 300 years ago. For my first breakfast in quarantine, I decided to use the good dishes.

I started my stitchery from Paris.

As I was facing 14 days of solitude, I needed to decide on projects to undertake. The apartment was clean and tidy. My husband had left me flowers, groceries and wine...So what to do? Instagram, Facebook, telephone, Zoom...all good ways to avoid social isolation. I can't watch Netflix all day.
In an apartment, quarantine means that you don't take the garbage down or use the laundry room.

I purchased several stitchery kits on Rue Bûcherie in Paris but the stitches are so small! I spent several hours stitching and perhaps my handwork will finished by the time the pandemic is over.
Reading, birdwatching and puttering/decluttering filled my quarantine period. Tilde was my devoted companion. Every day, Monsieur came to take her out and took my garbage downstairs.

What a funny little companion!

I realize as I write that my quarantine period was spent in a privileged First World situation. The people in Oaxaca are now in lockdown. Non-essential businesses are closed. In Mexico, there are always police and soldiers with big guns in the street. If they tell you to go home, you go home!
Unless you don't have a home.

These streets are now empty!

Many of the people in Oaxaca are vendors. They bring produce or crafts to sell in town. Some families sit on the sidewalk and play accordion hoping that a tourist will drop a few pesos in a tin
cup. They almost always have a baby and a cute toddler! Zoom meetings with grandparents will not 
be a pandemic accommodation for these children.

I'm not sure how the pandemic will affect the world. No one knows for sure. Yesterday, I read a quotation shared on Facebook. I could not find the source.

Everybody is not in the same boat, some of us are in a yacht.