Quarantine, Social Distancing and Hair

natural hair
I have spent many thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on my hair. In salons, my hair has been dyed, highlighted, cut, straightened, blown and once permed (?).  For the last six years, my hair has been grey and curly. I don't get it cut very often. I use a purple shampoo and I air dry. During the pandemic. I wonder if "natural hair" will become au courant.

15 years ago with brown dye

If your hair is dark, it seems that those grey hairs start to appear in the late 30's. For me, that's
30 years ago. At that time, I went to the drugstore and bought a box of Clairol Nice n'Easy for
about $7. There was not a lot of grey so every 6 or 7 weeks repetitions were required.

auburn and straightened
As the years pass, it seems that hair maintenance cost increase. The drugstore colour is not subtle enough and dark brown is too dark. The brunette becomes a redhead and curls are replaced by a bob. 
Grey hairs appear every 3 weeks and eyebrows have to be tinted. A visit to the salon every 4 or 5 weeks costs about $200. Special products must be purchased to preserve the colour and to replenish
over-treated hair. 

Six months later, in Paris, the redhead is a blonde.
In 2014, I spent 4 months in Europe. I had decided to make the transition to grey hair. Fortunately, there are very talented hair stylists in Paris which was my home base. Red hair became blonde hair. I felt very "Parisienne" when I visited my salon in  St. Germain des Prés.

It may be months before women around the world will be able to visit a stylist. Yes, I know that this is a minor inconvenience in a world where so many people are dying and there is so much economic uncertainty. I am fortunate to have been able to live such a comfortable life. But it is fun to look back sometimes and to wonder about the future.


  1. Your longer hair is very flattering...I think a lot of us are growing ours as the salons are closed!
    Grateful that I was able to find your blog today!

    1. Thank you. You are my very first comment on this blog. It's funny how hairstyles change in our lives. I like your longer look too. We will all have tousled buns by the end of the summer.

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