Not Sure Where We're Going..Thinking About Where We've Been

Every morning, I start my morning by looking at the photos on my iPhone. When I was in solitary
quarantine, I found that I enjoyed seeing the places that I had visited in previous years. Since I retired in 2011, I have spent every spring in Europe or in Mexico. Some years, I travelled for months and other years I have travelled for weeks. One thing that I noticed in every place that I have visited is street art.

un grand arbre à Paris
People enjoy sharing their talents. Sometimes the messages are romantic, sometimes political and
sometimes unintelligible. As a person who enjoys strolling through urban neighbourhoods, I always stop and try to discern the message. I enjoy a good piece of graffiti almost as much as a lovely garden.

My pride is rooted in corn.
When I look at travel photos, I am starting to wonder about the people who live on those streets that I have wandered. In many apartments around the world, people are protecting themselves and others from infection. They may be lonely or worried. Many of the people in Mexico will have no money,
no electronics, no water and little information regarding the current situation.  Those who work in restaurants, hotels and bars throughout the world are laid off. 

Can you read Shetland? Clue: it's about a dog.

I don't know when I will be free to wander again. I have taken my post-retirement trips for granted.
But I have many photos, friends and family around the world. For that, I am grateful.

Interesting sign for a coffee shop!