I Wonder What Will Happen Next

Spring on the West Coast has been beautiful!

Every morning, I awaken to another day of bright blue skies. Yesterday, I ventured out to buy some planters and some seeds for the balcony. I'm planning some edible planters with herbs, nasturtiums,
peppers and tomatoes to start. Our balcony is not huge and Monsieur likes to putter out there with musical equipment so I should not overdo the plants.

I try to do a scribble/sketch every day. This is a Wade Harvest Ware vase that belonged to my great-granny.
Some old blue hydrangea have faded a lot.

Since I returned home, I had not ventured into a store. I am content to stay in the apartment.
A family only needs one person to shop when necessary. I've ordered most of our groceries online as I plan and cook the meals. Once a week, we order from a local restaurant. Sometimes Monsieur picks up the meal and sometimes we use a delivery service. I read that delivery services charge the restaurant 20-30% of the meal cost. I usually tip the driver 15-20%.

 Our Steveston community depends on summer tourism and local patrons during the winter. Gift shops, independently owned clothing stores and a great used bookstore will all suffer during the pandemic. I ordered a pair of floral jeans from a friend who is able to use part of the sale to pay for stock. I have shopped with these merchants for more than 30 years and I hope that they are able to reopen one day.

I ordered these jeans from the manufacturer but my friend's store will receive some credit.

Our Provincial Health Officer counsels against "going back to normal" too quickly. In fact, she cautions that until there is a vaccine, we may have to accept a "new normal." I wonder how many travel and hospitality workers will be rehired. As one who usually plans a couple of car trips, a sunny holiday, a Oaxaca trip and a Europe or New York trip, I'm making no travel plans for 2020.

Ready to go! Taken in Paris apartment a few years ago
After 5 weeks, we are adapting. Monsieur is trying to play music online with a friend. My book club and church meet by Zoom. I don't see my mum but my daughter picks up Tilde once a week to walk her.

We will be living like this for weeks or months, it seems. I guess I'll just plant my tomatoes and plan for pasta sauce.


  1. The future is a puzzle and we don't know what it will look like. It's rather disconcerting, and I find it best to live day by day, with loose plans for the future. I am planting my garden as the weather warms up - radishes, peas, strawberries, rhubarb, lettuce are all doing well just now. I do go out grocery shopping, and my husband goes to work everyday. I find with distance learning that I'm just as busy or busier than before, but it's lonelier.

    1. You must miss the students. I do! All we can do is live day by day and find joy in our daily activities.

  2. Your floral pants are perfect for spring. Hope you are soon able to wear them out and about. While part of the country seems to be gearing for opening up, and even part of the state of Texas seems to be loosening restrictions, in El Paso things are more rigid than ever.

    Glad you guys have found ways to 'visit' with friends and to keep busy. I miss my grandbabies and children terribly but get to see them now and then on Facetime. Technology has been a blessing.

    Interested in your scribble drawing. When I took art, we did something called a contour drawing where we never lifted the pen/pencil from the paper until we had completed the drawing. It was one of my favorite styles of drawing. Thank you for reminding me of it with your lovely still life.

    1. We've had a dry spring here. It's not that warm but it's sunny. We've tried to teach students that everyone can draw even if its scribble. It's fun just to try. It is hard not to be able to visit family. I don't think we will loosen very quickly.

  3. I keep trying to follow your blog with the subscribe and email options and neither are working for me at all. Can you help?
    Our days are pretty strange and the future really is unknown at the moment....these are unsettling times but we must press on and find joy where we can.
    Sunny days are a godsend.

    1. Yes, we have been enjoying the early morning sun on the balcony and Tilde gets lots of walks.

  4. When I try the subscribe via email the spelling of your blog in the Capcha window is incorrect...that's part of the problem!

    1. I might have fixed the problem because in the subscribe section "h" was missing in Xanthippe. I changed it and saved the change so it might work now.


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