Cocooning: Librarian Style

Food and travel go together.

It's almost four weeks since I returned from Oaxaca. The first two weeks of isolation passed easily.
I was alone in the apartment for the first time in 20 years. Monsieur worked out of town for a couple of years and visited occasionally on the weekends. Since then, I have never had time alone in the apartment. It seemed like a very pleasant staycation. I did not venture outside of the apartment for 14 days.

Staying home, which is what I am still doing, means that I am developing a new appreciation for my household goods. I have so many books. I weeded one box but who knows when The Friends of the Library will hold another book sale? Maybe, in October or November. I hope!

I've been cooking more than usual since I'm not working or meeting friends. Books and food transport me to other places and other times. I have lots of coffee table cookbooks. I choose wines
and recipes that evoke favourite places.

I ate this seafood cold plate in Paris.

I find myself craving comfort foods. We've eaten more pasta lately. Risotto, spaghetti with meatballs
and I'm enjoying lots of wine. Is wine a guilty pleasure for all ladies of a certain age? For me, café crême is for breakfast, I like a San Pellegrino with lemon or lime occasionally but for a "real meal"
wine is necessary. 

I own a lot of decorating and design books,

For lots of reasons, mostly life choices of Monsieur or me, I never got my "dream home." As I get older and less attached to material possessions, this matters less to me. But I am a dreamer and when I look at the photos in a book, I see ways to incorporate small items into my home. Perhaps someone reading this will recognize the rose mug. The small watercolour belonged to my great great aunt who
probably bought it in France in the early days of the 20th century.

A vintage japonaiserie purchased long ago.

Since I have been staying at home, I enjoy visiting Instagram. Pictures of gardens, food and décor
delight me. There is a whole world of kindred spirits out there. I'm always longing to order a Stylish French box but alas! I already have too many objets in my home.

very old French books that I have collected

Books, mementos and food help me to deal with uncertainty of the times. At this time, my home is my sanctuary. I hope that you are well and staying home as much as possible.


  1. I think we are really looking at the things in our homes these days. Getting pleasure from seeing them again, noticing them with more attention, and intention! Beautiful pieces. You may not even have had your dream house but I bet, with all of the love, and mementos of your life, you do have a dream home.


    1. We take so much for granted in "normal" times. As I spend a lot of time cleaning and organizing, I notice the lovely and loved objects around me. The pandemic is changing everyone's outlook and values, I'm sure.


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