Bright Days and Social Distance

a cheery geranium

Yesterday, I saw my mum for the first time in 7 weeks. Mum, who is 88, goes for a drive by herself
every Thursday. Yesterday, she picked up her favourite geraniums at the garden centre, dropped one pot off for me and received some plant food in return. All transactions were handled through the trunk of Mum's car. We were able to speak at a distance through the window. 

As we are in the fifth week of social distancing, the "new normal" is starting to feel uncomfortably familiar. Yesterday, was the first time that I ventured out to the butcher shop. I have not done any in-person grocery shopping since my return from Oaxaca. Monsieur got me groceries  for the two weeks I was quarantined and I have been ordering groceries for delivery. Unfortunately, the delivery services are running 2 weeks behind and frequently run out of certain items. I've been cooking 6 nights a week so I like to have ingredients on hand. I've decided to make a different kind of risotto
each week. So far, I've made Italian sausage and tomato, and chicken and mushroom. 

Land's End dress

Do you often buy items that you see in blogs? I have been reading The Vivienne Files for
many years. My approach to wardrobe planning has evolved due to Janice's influence.
I'm prepared for a lengthy vacation, on-call teaching or quarantine with a few items of clothing.
Okay, I own quite a few capsule wardrobes. Two weeks ago, I was reading about adding a few colourful items to a navy/white wardrobe. This colourful dress tempted me to order online. The dress is made of recycled plastic but feels like cotton.
I already owned turquoise flower earrings and a turquoise cardigan.
 I'm finding myself drawn to bright colours this year. I wonder if it has to do with the pandemic.
Flowers, cheerful dishes and bold sunny colours.

I don't know when family and friends will be able meet inside their homes again. My mum worries that she will never visit the tulips in Laconner or see all of her family together again. Perhaps in August or September, we could have an  outdoor gathering. Or perhaps not. I usually travel with my daughter in for her birthday in September. Perhaps, we can visit Victoria. No one knows!


  1. It's unknown territory as far as this virus goes. Wearing such a pretty bright dress can lift one's spirits. I'm wishing for vibrant colours these days, too.

    1. Yes, brightness seems to be uplifting. My quilting friend is making lots of colourful masks. It is definitely unknown territory.

  2. Lovely bright and cheery frock! You'll feel so much positive energy when you wear this dress!

    1. Flowers and bright colours will elevate our moods.


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