Activity in the Time of Covid-19

I enjoyed walking in Sidney, B.C. in October
 I've always been a walker but I'm a flâneuse. I love to look in shop windows, read historic plaques, and savour neighbourhoods.   My walking preferences are more suited to the city than to the

I like to walk in the local park with my friend.

At home, I usually combine walking with socializing. My friend and I walk for about 45 minutes and then we have lunch. In these times of social distancing, our walk/lunch day is not possible. 

I noticed new blooms this morning on my flower walk.

I've started a new type of outing, a "flower walk." I wander through the grounds of our complex and I notice where there are new blooms. Our gardens are communal so occasionally I stop to pull a weed.
Although this is not an aerobic workout, I am enjoying the benefits of fresh air and helping to maintain the gardens.

A few years ago, I enjoyed a walking tour of Cornwall.

In British Columbia, where I live, we are encouraged to go outside as long as we keep the 2 metre
distance. We have no time limits to our outdoor activities. Some park trails have been designated "one way" and parking lots have been closed. On sunny days, beaches and hiking trails have been overcrowded.

Walking around Da Knab in Shetland.

What are you doing for activity these days? What sort of walker are you? Do you have outdoor restrictions? Where was your most memorable walk?


  1. I get out for a walk most days, and if not, I'm working in the garden. We are in the midst of such lovely weather just now and I feel energized when I'm outside. I can walk with purpose, fairly quickly, but I enjoy being a flaneuse in Paris or other large cities. There is so much to see. In the forest there is also much to observe and I enjoy those walks, too. I guess I just like walking!

    1. I do prefer to walk with a purpose. I've done some overnight hikes on the Olympic Peninsula but I do prefer some flowers or culture mixed in. Our weather has been
      beautiful. I hope it lasts.


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