Starting Anew

Xantippe pouring a chamberpot on Socrates' head (Otho Vaenius bookplate 1607)

I am starting a new blog after losing my New Year, New Dreams blog to some sort of glitch that no one could figure out. I dealt with domain sellers (?) and Google to sort the problem out. I tried to transfer my blog to a couple of other blogging sites but to no avail. I could not navigate them and many charged money. I've found my way back to Blogger with a new name. It's really difficult to find a name that's not already taken.

About the name! When I was a young student fifty years ago, I really enjoyed Classical Studies. Even then, I wondered about the women who got really bad press. Like Xanthippe who has been known for millennia as the ill-tempered, shrewish wife of Socrates. Perhaps she was justifiably frustrated by her husband who spent his time asking questions about "the meaning of life". I wonder why we did not study any women of Ancient Greece.

Needless to say, the name Xanthippe's Tongue was not taken. I grew up as a quiet (in public) girl. I have alway disliked hypocrisy and dishonesty but as an older woman, I am more likely to express my opinions emphatically. Not a shrew! but definitely a woman who knows her mind.

I'm not sure what I'll be writing about in this new blog but I'll see where the path takes me. I enjoy reading, writing, travelling, conscious fashion and healthy living. I'm a semi-retired educator,  a francophile, a wife, a mother and a dog owner. I enjoy reading blogs and interacting with other bloggers.

In his essay "The Case for Xanthippe," (1960) Robert Graves suggested that the stereotype of Xanthippe as a misguided shrew is emblematic of an ancient struggle between masculinity (rationality, philosophy) and femininity (intuition, poetry), and that the rise of philosophy in Socrates' time has led to rationality and scientific pursuit coming to exercise an unreasonable dominance over human life and culture.