Restoration:Creating a Balcony Garden

first steps
When we bought our apartment 24 years ago, we chose an older building with extensive grounds and spacious suites. We had just decided to live together and to purchase an apartment after many years of living separately. We envisioned growing old together in a comfortable home. We did not think that we were not the only thing that would be growing older. Our building is now 47 years old.

The cedar siding and the roof have withstood a lot of rain on the wet coast. When I consider the stone buildings of Europe, I'm not sure that wood is the best construction material for rainy climates. And balconies??? ? Ours was glassed-in (as an afterthought by the previous owners). No permits issued, no inspections conducted.  Some of our neighbours electrified and insulated their balconies creating additional living space. Unfortunately, all of that space has been lost in the renovation work. All balconies will be open.

I think that I will use red, green, orange and brown as my colours for the balcony.

I already have wicker chairs and ottomans that have been stored for a year. They are dark brown with orange cushions. I will clean the cushions or replace them. I'm thinking about an outdoor rug because I really don't like the drab grey flooring.

I think that this rug will brighter the floor and create a cosy ambience.

Our balcony is east-facing so I'm thinking shade-loving plants in red tones as a base: heucheras,
hellebores, coleus, rex begonias and splashes of seasonal colour. I like to travel so I want to keep the upkeep simple. I'll get some planters for the railing and install some waterproof fairylights.

An open balcony needs birds.

Our building was shrouded for a year. The trees and plants nearby are struggling and we don't hear the earl morning birds. I'm hoping to welcome them back with some feeders and a bird bath. I'm planning to use the railings and the walls to save floor space.

Renovations have been an ordeal but hopefully, we will have a comfortable outdoor space.